Offer for CHPTA Members
krunchbox on tabletIn today’s retail environment, businesses need to stay agile and make intelligent, data-driven decisions. As part of CHPTA’s ongoing effort to help members gather better data and uncover greater insights, we are pleased to have partnered with krunchbox, a simple to use, cloud-based business intelligence tool designed to help vendors and their retailers collaborate around point-of-sale (POS) data and make more effective inventory decisions. Krunchbox is excited to offer CHPTA members a discounted rate through their Preferred Pricing Program.

Major Benefits

  • Seeing is believing! If your business has been throwing data analysts at your POS data problem, now is the time to see how the power of Krunchbox can help your analysts and sales team perform better.
  • Having a POS analytics tool like Krunchbox means you get relevant reports and dashboards delivered to your inbox within minutes of the retailer POS data becoming available.
  • Krunchbox speeds up the collating of your POS data, reduces the amount of time your team spends in retailer portals, formatting spreadsheets, and quickly delivers the insights you need to grow your business. You will have all your retailers’ results ready to action Monday morning.

What Work is Required?

It’s very easy to get up and running with little to no effort from your team and or IT requirements.

Which retailers’ data can you load?

This is also easy, simply tell Krunchbox which of your retailers POS data you want to have automatically loaded into your Krunchbox site for analysis.

They are currently loading weekly sales and inventory data from these retailers:

  • Amazon (Canada / US)
  • Best Buy (Canada / US)
  • BMR
  • Canadian Tire
  • Costco (Canada / US)
  • Home Depot (Canada / US)
  • London Drugs
  • Lowe’s Home Improvement (Canada / US)
  • Menards (US)
  • Overstock (US)
  • Rona
  • Shoppers Drug Mart
  • The Bay
  • Walmart (Canada / US)
  • Wayfair (Canada / US)

*if there is a retailer not on their list that provides your company with POS data we can load these results as well.

How long until we get started?

Once Krunchbox has clean POS data history, implementation typically takes 3 to 5 weeks.

How many users can access Krunchbox?

Krunchbox user licenses are unlimited, which means you can have any number of colleagues set up with access to Krunchbox and your POS results, each with their own customized auto-generated reports.

Do you store the retailer’s weekly sales and inventory history in Krunchbox?

Yes, they will also load up to 2 – 3 years of sales history when they initially build your site.  This allows users to easily see year over year, or this week vs. same week last year comparisons etc.krunchbox on desktop

About Krunchbox
Originally developed by two Australian wholesalers with over 50 years of experience in the market, krunchbox has revolutionized the supplier/retailer relationship by enabling retailers and their suppliers to not only share the same data, but view that data through the same prism.

Krunchbox team members have spent many years working in the retail industry in inventory planning related roles.

Established in 2006, they have earned the respect of many large retailers around the world who have acknowledged krunchbox’s achievement in retail data management.

Krunchbox is changing behaviour in the retail industry by providing a platform for suppliers to view and analyze their retail point of sale scan data quickly and efficiently. Their goal is to move suppliers away from vacating responsibility over their products once they leave the warehouse toward more proactive engagement with their products until they reach the end consumer.

Powerful Retail Analytics Software
Krunchbox makes a powerful point-of-sale analytics software for product suppliers that optimizes inventory, increases collaboration between both internal and external team members, and drives incremental sales. But they are more than just a software company – they focus on building and maintaining quality relationships with their clients through exceptional customer service. From set up and troubleshooting to ongoing consultancy, they help clients make inventory decisions that maximize sales.

Who and What is krunchbox?
They help retail suppliers analyze electronic point-of-sale (POS) data in order to optimize inventory and drive incremental sales.

They fetch your POS data from multiple sources and normalize the data so that you can slice and dice across channels, between retailers, and within a specific retailer – right down to the store or article level.

How it Works
Krunchbox grabs your retail POS data from multiple different sources, in different formats, merges it with external data sets, and then KRUNCH! Within minutes, you have access to:

krunchbox on smartphone

– Easy-to-use Dashboards

– Mobile app

– Tablet app

– Sophisticated reporting

– Advanced analytics

Krunchbox will help you …


• Downloading data in different formats from numerous portals every week

• Manipulating complex spreadsheets to make sense of it all

• Trying to figure out which fire to put out first!


• Being proactive rather than reactive

• Focusing on the highest value opportunities

• Sharing your exception analysis instantly, up and down the supply chain


• Identifying out-of-stocks to drive sales

• Presenting your customer with fact-based recommendations on clustering

• Managing your own supply chain

Krunchbox will automatically send you custom exception reports and grid your top sellers and stores to show you where the cash is tied up. It will also calculate recommended purchases that are required to meet demand!

It is quick and easy to set up a krunchbox trial with your own data. In some cases, they can set up a demo with your data in under an hour.

Best of all, they offer month-to-month, all-inclusive pricing for unlimited users, with no fixed-term contracts. That means no risk for you – just lots more sales, and better stock efficiency.

Contact krunchbox now for the CHPTA member trial offer, and see the krunch for yourself!

Canadian Office:

1 Hurontario Street, Suite 702
Mississauga, Ontario
Contact: Doug Murless, VP Business Development, North America; Country Manager, Canada
Tel: (416) 689-9139
Email: dmurless@krunchbox.com
Website: www.krunchbox.com