2018 Labour and Wage Report

Managers and Human Resource professionals deal with salaries, hiring and absences daily, but employment is also about the consumer and B2B market.

The 2018 Labour and Wage Report, free to members of CHPTA and COPA, examines several important developments in the 2018 Canadian labour market including the Digital Economy, Employee Absences, Minimum Wage & Job Vacancies.

While many of these issues need to be addressed on an individual basis, managers and HR need to be proactive in dealing with market changes. Surveys are a critical part of this process. The statistics in this report are primarily based on Statistics Canada’s annual review and their numerous lists of labour surveys.

Salaries are important in attracting and retaining good employees, but employment is also important in planning sales and marketing. See what the average fixed salary and hourly rates by industries were last year, among many other labour data figures.

How well do you know your market?

1. Which city has the least number of days absence per worker?

2. Which industry has the second largest number of employees and the largest increase in the number of employees in 2018?

3. What % of employees work for companies with more than 500 employees; 25%, 35%, 45% or 55%?

4. Which industry has the highest average hourly pay rate?

Find out the answers to these questions and many others by requesting your copy of the 2018 Labour and Wage Report by emailing Michael Jorgenson at mjorgenson@chpta.ca.