The CHPTA is interested in providing members marketplace data and industry intelligence to help them with their business.

Trade Data Reports by Product Categories

Today’s marketplace is more complex than ever thanks to the likes of Amazon, eBay and Alibaba/AliExpress but the one thing in common with most products is that they must come across the Canadian border and that’s where we start.

CHPTA Trade Data Reports are based on data from Statistics Canada, Canadian Border Services and Industry Canada. Quantities stated are the total of all items coming across the border and in some cases this could be the Canadian market. Values are Canadian dollars converted at the Bank of Canada’s month end rate. FOB value is the value of the goods loaded on for transport/ ships in the foreign harbour.

Dollar sales are important, but quantities often tell a more complete story. Dollar sales can be impacted by changes in tariffs, foreign exchange or a shift to premium brands or a new low-cost supplier. Quantities can be a more consistent reflection of the market.

These reports are produced by our analytics consultant Bob Smith who can be reached at

Specialty Reports

In addition to trade data reports, other Specialty Reports are distributed from time to time such as the Employment & Wages report, which examines several important developments in the Canadian labour market. Salaries are important in attracting and retaining good employees, but employment is also important in planning sales and marketing. See what the average fixed salary and hourly rates by industries were last year, among many other labour data figures.

Other Specialty Reports cover topics such as Economic Drivers and Forecasts, Supply Chain Challenges and General Management Education.  

Industry Salary-Compensation Report

The CHPTA also produces an Industry Salary-Compensation Report based on surveys conducted every year with companies in the Canadian hardware & housewares industry. The report gathers information on a number of factors including salary, bonuses, vehicle and gas compensation, health benefits, education courses and vacation policy.  

CHPTA Resource Library

If you are a CHPTA member and are interested in accessing the CHPTA Resource Library to view valuable industry reports such as these, please email Michael Jorgenson at