The Vaughn Crofford Memorial Scholarship Program

GraduatesThe CHPTA Board of Directors is pleased to present this program to CHPTA members and their families. The CHPTA Scholarship Program was established in 2001 and in 2024 was renamed in memory of our former President Vaughn Crofford, who passed away in June of 2023 at the age of 73.



Vaughn had a very successful term as President of the Association from 1994 to 2018, which was then known as the Canadian Hardware & Housewares Manufacturers Association (CHHMA). The Association thrived under his leadership as he became a voice for the manufacturers’ side of the industry.  In 2001, Vaughn introduced a scholarship program for children of association company employees.  Prior to joining the CHHMA, Vaughn was part of the management team at Federated Co-operatives Limited and played an important role in turning around the fortunes of the hardware department.  In 2018, Vaughn was inducted into the Industry’s Hall of Fame prior to his retirement.

The Association recognizes the importance of education, and therefore encourages children of employees of our association member companies to attend university or college. To help offset the cost of a post-secondary education, the CHPTA is pleased to offer the Vaughn Crofford Memorial Scholarship Program.

Successful candidates receive $1,000 (CDN) for the first year of study leading to a degree from an accredited community college or university.

The CHPTA must receive applications from potential candidates no later than July 15th of each year.

The program is offered to Canadian companies or divisions of companies based in Canada. 

The student’s parent or guardian must be an active full-time employee with at least one years seniority with the CHPTA or member company as of July 15th, in the year of application. Applicants must be high school seniors preparing to enter an accredited community college or university in the fall term, and attain a minimum average of 75% in the last year of high school.

The decision of the Selection Committee and the CHPTA is final and not open to appeals.

The CHPTA reserves the right to withdraw a scholarship should the student’s parent(s) or guardian(s) voluntarily leave the employment of the CHPTA or member company, or if employment is terminated for just cause prior to the start of the school year, or if the company terminates its membership in the Association.

Responsibilities and Obligations of the Winner

1. Each scholarship recipient must present the CHPTA with proof of acceptance by the community college or university before receiving the award.

2. The scholarship recipient is completely responsible for ensuring that the institution of choice meets the eligible criteria of the program.

2023 Scholarship Winners

The CHPTA Board of Directors was pleased to present the Scholarship Award recipients for the year 2023. The finalists were chosen by a weighted ballot draw and this year we were pleased to award two scholarships.

Jason Mong

Jason Mong

Brampton, Ontario

Jason will be pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science this fall at the Ontario Tech University in Oshawa, Ontario and plans to have a career as a software developer.  Jason is the son of Jayce Mong who is employed with Lincoln Electric Company of Canada


Anjali Parmasha

Anjali Parmasha

Brampton, Ontario

Anjali will be attending York University in Toronto this fall to study Sociology and would like to have a career working with children after her studies.  Anjali is the daughter of Rajesh Parmasha who works for Loxcreen Canada.